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Beacon Hair Restoration is Dublin's Favourite Hair Transplant & Replacement Clinic

About Beacon Hair Restoration

Beacon Hair Restoration is a state-of-the-art hair restoration facility and hair loss referral centre solely dedicated to hair and scalp disorders. Beacon Hair Restoration is located in South Dublin at the Beacon Medical Campus Sandyford Dublin 18.
Hair transplant surgery at Beacon Hair Restoration is performed using the latest technology of electronic Follicular Unit Transplantation by our team of surgeons. We take pride in providing the highest level of treatment and care for our patients. We have successful treated thousands of patients throughout Ireland with our unique approach which involves diagnosing the reason for hair loss and customising a treatment plan around this specific condition.

How We Provide Our Services

We will go through your medical history and provide an honest assessment of your surgical options. Treatment recommendations will be based solely on what is best for you.

If you are indicated for a hair transplant, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and, pre-op/post-op instructions, and post-op care. Our electronic Follicular Unit Transplantation procedures are performed with meticulous attention to detail, and we provide long-term follow-up to all our patients.

Beacon Hair Restoration

The Leaders in Hair Loss Treatment

Beacon Hair Restoration has remained committed to changing Ireland through hair restoration. We continue to introduce new technologies and cutting edge techniques to help treat and manage hair. For close to a decade we have been setting the benchmark in hair loss treatment and hair loss diagnosis. 

To schedule an appointment at our Dublin clinic, get in contact with Beacon Hair Restoration today.

Direct Hair Implantation

From our Dublin hair loss clinic we use thr FUE transplantation solution. This innovative system has allowed Beacon Hair Restoration to move away from the harsh FUT – Strip system. We have introduced to Ireland direct hair implantation techniques which has changed the lives of thousands of patients in Dublin and all over the world.

Direct Hair Implantation

Team, Quality Control, Research and Training

We are technology driven and are always committed to developing and refining the very best hair loss treatment technology and hair loss treatment techniques. We always invest in our team; offering the best training so we can effectively deliver the highest standard of hair restoration treatments to Dublin patients.

Experienced Hair Restoration Team

Experienced Hair Restoration Team

Our Dublin location offers clients an extremely experienced team of hair restorations specialists. Our Dublin team have years of experience and are always upskilling and refining their hair loss treatment expertise.

Rigorous Quality Control Checks

Beacon Hair Restoration remains a leader in the Irish hair loss restoration and treatment industry. We are fully registered and insured with all relevant regulatory and quality assurance bodies.

To schedule an appointment with our clinic, get in contact with our offices today.

Rigorous Quality Control Checks
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