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Professional, medical hair loss treatment and hair loss prevention.

Hair Loss Diagnosis

Steps of Our Diagnostic System

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Hair loss Treatment

Hair loss is a systematic condition and therefore requires a systematic treatment approach. 

We use the world’s most comprehensive suite of hair loss treatment options available. 

Our menu of customised treatment plans include suggestions involving diet, therapy, psychological therapy, strengthening therapy and daily care products.


Diet For Hair Loss Treatment

Generally speaking, diet is a contributing factor to general hair health. Hair follicle cells have a highly active metabolism, requiring an appropriate amount of nutrient intake. 

Our team take a full and frank assessment of the patient’s dietary habits. We can suggest eating regime changes or  dietary supplements, which can help prevent hair loss and encourage the development of new hair.


Psychological Therapy

Stress is a well-known cause of hair loss. Our diagnostic process involves each patient undergoing a psychological test to determine if stress is a contributing factor to their hair loss.

Anti-hair loss products

We offer a range of products designed to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth. 

This range of products caters to all types of hair. Our range of products includes shampoo, conditioner and hair loss lotion. All of which are suitable for everyday use.

Hair Loss Treatment FAQ

How can I change my diet to encourage hair growth?

The condition of your hair is an outward sign of your inside health. Each strand of hair on your body is made up of cells that require a regular supply of key nutrients. Eating the correct balance of protein, vitamins and minerals will supply hair with all that it need to remain shiny, lustrous and strong.

What anti-hair loss products do you stock?

We stock a wide range of products that are proven to help stimulate hair growth. Ensuring our customers have access to the best quality products is a key goal for us.

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