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Eyebrow restoration with the direct hair implantation method.

From our Dublin Clinic, we offer patients the direct implantation eyebrow restoration treatment.

Eyebrow Restoration

For our Dublin clinic, we offer clients full eyebrow restoration treatments. 

Our eyebrow restoration service – Step by Step

1. According to the needs of the patient, we design a naturalistic eyebrow area defined by the symmetry of the patient’s face.

2. The required amount of follicle grafts needed for the area are calculated 

3. The hair follicles are taken from the donor area – usually from the back of the head 

4. The hair follicles that have been extracted, are placed on the eyebrow area 

5. The implanted area grow for a person’s lifetime

Eyebrow Restoration

Before and After an Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow Restoration FAQ

How long does eyebrow transplantation take?

Eyebrow transplants generally take around four hours. Approximately half of this time is spent harvesting the follicles and the other half is spent implanting the follicles.

Where are the hairs taken from for eyebrow transplantation?

Hairs for eyebrow transplantation are typically taken from the back of the head or neck. Hair here will have to be shaven prior to grafting. Most women can easily cover up the shaved region with their hair – providing it is of the adequate length.

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