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Restore your Beard with our effective Beard Restoration system

Beard Restoration

Beacon Hair Restoration offers Dublin patient’s the Silk Touch Technique, which is designed to transplant hair from any part of the body to the face. This system means that hair follicles are picked one by one to match the beard of the patient. The custom designed implanting tool allows complete control over the direction of the implanted hair and the depth of the implanted hair. This system helps achieve an elegant and natural-looking beard.

How does Beard Restoration work?

1. The Silk touch system restores the natural hair of the beard and moustache. 

2. Our team designs the beard area according to the client’s requirements and is defined by symmetry. 

3. The number of hairs required for the follicle grafts is counted 

4. The follicles are extracted from the donor area 

5. The beard area is populated with hair follicles 

6. The implanted hair will grow throughout the patient’s lifetime

About Beacon Hair Restoration Beard Restoration

From our Dublin clinic, we offer clients a full beard restoration treatment. 

A beard restoration begins with the design of the implantation area. This design is completed in collaboration with the patient, the implantation area takes into account every detail of the face and the face’s unique characteristics. 

The number of hair follicles required for the transplant is calculated before the extraction begins. 

Hair is normally transplanted from the back of the head. 

Implanted hair follicles develop and behave like normal beard hair.

Beard Restoration

Beard Restoration FAQ

What should I do after a beard restoration treatment?

Avoiding strenuous exercise for a period of six to 10 days after your treatment is recommended depending on the intensity of the exercise. Also avoiding direct sun exposure on the face for more than 30 minutes at a time for two weeks after your treatment will provide the best healing environment.

What should I expect after my beard restoration treatment?

Some patients may experience a numbness in the donor area which will resolve on its own over a period of time. Hairs will start to grow like normal beard hair and can be shaved or allowed to grow out depending on your preference.

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