The important first step in hair loss treatment.

Our in-depth diagnosis methodology discovers the basis for hair loss, which informs the treatment.

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Hair Loss Diagnosis

Hair Loss Diagnosis

Beacon Hair Restoration offers our Dublin patients the most advanced diagnostic systems for discovering the specific cause of hair loss. The Beacon Hair Restoration diagnostic system is one of the most complete diagnostic frameworks available. Hair loss has a range of causes. Which vary from patient to patient. Causes of hair loss can include nutrition, genetics, psychology and the environment. Our multi-faced diagnostic system, examines all these different factors, allowing us to offer our Dublin hair loss patients a fully customised hair loss treatment plan.

The 5 - Steps of Hair loss Diagnosis


Dermatological and Medical Examination

A full and comprehensive dermatological check is performed on the scalp. The patient’s medical history is consulted, in the hope of identifying the presence of an illness that could affect a transplant treatment. This exam determines the type of alopecia that patient is suffering from.


Alopecia Test

We use a trichometry exam in the area where the hair thinning is prominent. This trichometry uses state of the art analytical methodologies. This allows us to access the amount of hair available for lifetime exportation. This exam also measures hair density, hair type and the grade of the patient’s hair loss


DNA Analysis

DNA Analysis is performed on hair follicles. This method allows us to detect potential DNA lesions. We extract a single hair follicle. This is then sent to one of our partner labs for analysis. This system allows us to create a clear scientifically-accurate picture of the client’s hair loss.


Hair Protein Test

Various environment and lifestyle factors can affect our hair and lead to hair loss. Hair protein tests investigate these factors which help inform our treatment plan.


Stress Analysis

It is well known that stress can contribute to hair loss. Unfortunately, the stress of hair loss can lead to further hair loss. Our stress analysis helps to establish if stress is a contributing factor to a patient’s hair loss.

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